The French Consort Project will collaborate with a revolving cast of scholars and musicians for concerts and educational outreach projects. The consort instruments will also be used as a learning lab by exposing students at Purdue University Fort Wayne to research-based performance projects and engaging them in concepts of historically informed performance.

Dr. John Romey

Founder and Lead Scholar

Dr. Romey is a specialist in music and culture of early modern France and colonial Peru. He received a Ph.D. in Historical Musicology with an emphasis in Historical Performance Practice from Case Western Reserve University in 2018 and is currently Assistant Professor of Musicology at Purdue University Fort Wayne.

Dr. Romey is additionally an expert on the history of the Viennese Violone and performs professionally on violones and viols of all sizes. He is under contract to contribute new articles about the double bass and the violone for Grove Music Online.


(Photo by Mike Moore)